In ALUFORMS GLOBAL, we are proud to be a young and innovative company 100% Mexican, that wins experience and expertise in manufacturing aluminum parts.

We work on projects of cast aluminum parts covering satisfactory and timely manner the needs of our clients by providing solutions to their projects.

Message from our Director


ALUFORMS GLOBAL is a Mexican company, young, consolidated with great development potential to meet the requirements and needs of our customers in the manufacture of aluminum parts, which produce with great care of its design, manufacture aluminum parts using the technique of emptying by gravity either sand or using proprietary or customer molds, our main objective is the total satisfaction of our customers, we are an innovative company committed to the actual quality and of our clientes, our goal is to be a national and international leader.


Because it is a light metal and higt resistance in his daily use, durable and a wide range of applications, it's used in the manufacture of forniture, electric and electronic components, the equipment for kitchen utensils, cars motors and also plains; in the daily life it's use is very important, since it is a viable metal, the rescue and recycling of aluminum in the enviroment have turned him into a viable for metal use and grace for different applications in the industry.


In ALUFORMS GLOBAL, we do the aluminum foundry in reverberatory oven and crucible oven, doing casting by gravity through buckets.


In our manufacture of aluminum sections we have manual molding, chemical and shell, with a melting capacity from small parts to parts of larger volume our production ranges from prototypes to small and medium series.



In ALUFORMS GLOBAL we maintain a detailed monitoring of aluminum smelting processes to maintain and improve the quality of cast products.


In ALUFORMS GLOBAL we have established a quality control optimized to deliver and meet the needs of our customers.


In ALUFORMS GLOBAL we maintain quality standards that our customers and the market expect, including services such as distribution later.


These actions must be relevant enough to have an impact on company objectives.


GLOBAL ALUFORMS in the quality control process starts from the arrival of material selection and supervision of raw materials and finished casting parts we manufacture.


RAW MATERIAL: All the raw material is strictly selected by our Quality Control staff in order that contains no metal or other material that could contaminate and affect the composition of aluminum.


Quality Control in the casting process


During each casting foundry verify and analyze the composition of our cast to ensure there is no contamination in the structure or composition of the league or aluminum material.


Aluminum Analysis: Once the casting of aluminum under the technical specifications requested by the customer are verified and tested the properties of the melt by spectrometer that measures the purity of the melt.


And made the verification of the melt and this is under the specifications requested by the client we proceed to drain the parts to be manufactured by bucket into molds.

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